Let’s do something special this spring ! ☆

Spring is the season of life-changing events, like starting of a new academic year. Many of our loves ones, too, are moving in and out of Japan.

While the snow has melted, flowers have bloomed, welcoming the new year once more. As the season of spring rejuvenates the world, we at AGEX would like to present this lovely postcard to our valued customers. A postcard is one of the most beautiful means to sincerely express the joys of spring, wishing anyone close to you a delightful transition to their next step in life. With great pleasure, you are more than welcome to use this postcard for your well-wishes.

From everyone at AGEX, happy spring and have a good year ahead!

From : エースグローバルエキスプレス株式会社
Date : 2014年4月3日