Notification for Customers having undecided final address!

AGEX ACE global Express Co. Ltd. is expert in providing reliable and flexible service.
While relocating and moving to overseas, people may come across many worries like destination address not confirmed. Customers whose destination address is not confirmed have increased heavily.
AGEX ACE global Express Co. Ltd. has solution for this problem. Yes, we do moving even if destination address is not confirmed. For such customers, they can provide us temporary address like company address, friends address or any relatives address. After confirmation of address we can change in our system and start processing further.
For customers who want to deliver their goods after confirming their address, they can keep their goods with us. For one month of period keeping goods will be absolutely free of charge.

So please not to worry and be hurry!”

From : エースグローバルエキスプレス株式会社
Date : 2014年7月9日